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  With each passing year the amount of PAGA Laws in California grow. Allow for the (Right To Cure) Keep California citizens working! PAGA Laws are causing companies shut down... when unemployment lines are long, nobody wins.  
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news - 2018

PAGA Problem Mirrors Workers Comp Before Reform of 2004 - FOX&HOUNDS, By joel fox - 02/14/2018 - the difficulties of the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) are similar to what business faced under the burden of workers compensation costs over a decade ago.

Technical infractions or misunderstandings of the extensive labor code can result in million dollar lawsuits that threaten a business’s existence while rewarding employees little of the settlement dollars but enrich attorneys who bring the lawsuits. (READ FULL STORY)

California should be more like Alabama — THE RADIO INTERVIEW - POLITICS AND ISSUES WITH LARRY MORINO - 02/19/18

HOW can businesses expect to survive in CALIFORNIA WHEN YOU CAN NOT COMPETE WITH THE OTHER STATES in our country...

...One thing to compete with China but when California workers can expect their minimum wage rate to rise above 13 dollars an hour this year, how can California businesses compete with companies in Alabama where the minimum wage is just over 7 dollars an hour. (PLAY THE INTERVIEW)

Why California should be more like Alabama — seriously - The Los Angeles Daily News - 02/08/2018 - ...But employers aren’t so picky: Toyota and Mazda announced recently they’ll invest north of $1.6 billion dollars to build a new factory and create over 4,000 good-paying jobs in Limestone County, Alabama

Fifteen states were competing for the Toyota-Mazda joint venture; California was not even on the bench. (READ FULL STORY)

Labor Law Reform is Long Overdue - SOUNDCLOUD - (Sunday Morning Newsmakers) TOM MANZO interviewed - 01/21/2018 - A look at “PAGA” The Private Attorney Generals Act, and how it is being used against California businesses

The link between the growing homless population in California and continuing push to raise the minimum wage for employees looking to work available entry level positions. (PLAY THE INTERVIEW)

Introducing the California Business and Industrial Alliance - central valley BUSINESS JOURNAL By Bruce Sarchet - 01/15/2018 - Our flexible schedule and rewarding employees for safe behavior is a something you should not do in California

Many employers in the Central Valley, which have operated their businesses in a particular manner for decades, have had their policies and rules challenged in PAGA lawsuits. (READ FULL STORY)

Labor Law Reform is Long Overdue - FOX&HOUNDS BY TOM MANZO - 01/10/2018 - Our flexible schedule and rewarding employees for safe behavior is a something you should not do in California

... I work for was assaulted with a wage and hour PAGA Lawsuit. This cost us over a million dollars and will take us years to recover. (READ FULL STORY)


PAGA is a money grab... California PAGA law is not strictly a Democrat or Republican issue, it is a California Business issue. PAGA reform; this is why we formed CABIA. (PLAY THE INTERVIEW)

AM 870 interview with Larry Marino - Tom Manzo, President of Timely Industry formed The California Business And Industrial Alliance 01/07/18  (a.m. INTERVIEW)

A look at “PAGA” The Private Attorney Generals Act, and how it is being used against California businesses.

  news - 2017

California small businesses await very unhappy New Year
- by TOM MANZO 12/
(This story also ran in The Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Daily News)

When the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, California will usher in more than a dozen onerous new labor laws. Adding insult to injury... (READ FULL STORY), the los angeles daily news, the orange county register

Following Littler WPI and others on SoundCloud. 12/18/17 - Bruce Sarchet and Corinn Jackson, FROM Littler’s WPI - Down the Rabbit Hole: Will 2018 Bring Changes to California PAGA Actions?

Reviewing the status of the California Private Attorney Generals Act, which authorizes employees to recover penalties for many Labor Code violations. (PLAY THE INTERVIEW)

TALK RADIO | KABC AM 790 - Tom Manzo of cabia takes out a full page ad - california is bad for business 10/19/17 (p.m. INTERVIEW)


TALK RADIO | KABC AM 790 - Tom Manzo discusses the BUSINESS CLIMATE IN CALIFORNIA 10/19/17 (a.m. INTERVIEW)

What Amazon should know about our business climate in California. ...CALIFORNIA LABOR LAW IS 1,039 PAGES; 122 BRAND NEW LABOR LAWS CAME OUT IN 2017 ALONE ...WHEN YOU HAVE THAT KIND OF MAZE OF BUREAUCRACY... (PLAY THE INTERVIEW)

Sacramento area throws hat in the ring for Amazon’s ‘HQ2’
- by MARK GLOVER 10/

...Amazon announced on Sept. 7 that it was looking for a second headquarters in the United States. The announcement included numerous eye-popping numbers: $5 billion in construction as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs. (READ FULL STORY)

東西對話-Law Strangle on Buessiness owners - INTERVIEW WITH Tom Manzo AND Vincent Passanisi – G&E studio 10/03/17

California makes up 12 percent of the U.S. population, but we pay up to 30% of total Worker's Compensation Premiums in the United States. Companies located in Los Angeles, the Inland Empire and Orange County pay the highest rates for their Worker's Compensation Premiums in the United States... (PLAY THE INTERVIEW)

A Small Business StruggleConsider the story of Joann Roth-Oseary
- by Tom Manzo 9/

Thirty-seven years ago Joann Roth-Oseary made a decision to start up her own business and create a catering company. Her vision to build a business was not an easy path... (READ FULL STORY)

Farmworker union dues seized to pay off UFW lawsuit
the los angeles Business Journal
- by Geoffrey Mohan 9/

Union dues from hundreds of farmworkers will be diverted to pay off a $1.2-million judgment against the United Farm Workers over the union’s treatment of its organizers. (READ FULL STORY)

PAGA victimizes workers, rewards trial lawyers
the los angeles Business Journal
- by tom manzo 9/

What happens when the state labor law no longer protects the employees who do the laboring? ...for trial attorneys this law's creation was the equivalent of winning a POWERBALL TICKET. (READ FULL STORY)

PAGA PROVOKES GROUP RESPONSE - Firms organize to oppose troublesome labor law.
the SAN FERNANDO VALLEY Business Journal

...he hopes to make it a platform to oppose other state laws, using the PAGA issue as a teaching moment for other business owners, employees and lawmakers ...we want to advocate for change, but we want to educate... (READ FULL STORY)

Greedy Lawyers and their frivolous lawsuits hurting businesses
The DeMaio Report
on IHeartRADIO - 9/04/17's basically a license to extort by private frivolous attorneys who go into companies and basically shake them down; looking for any technical violations. ...if your non-union we're going to punish the hell out of you... (RADIO INTERVIEW-Part 1) (RADIO INTERVIEW-Part 2) (RADIO INTERVIEW-Part 3)


California’s less sexy industries are struggling, and trial lawyers aren’t helping -
the sacramento bee - BY TOM MANZO 9/01/2017

It’s not a partisan issue. Business owners of all political stripes, and even the United Farm Workers, have been hit with PAGA suits.

A PAGA lawsuit filed in 2014 by a former organizer for the United Farm Workers in Monterey County ended with a $1.2 million judgment against the union. Here, farm workers weed strawberry rows in a field outside Salinas.

With paid sick leave and the $15 minimum wage, unions have plenty of victories to celebrate this Labor Day. For business owners who employ the state’s labor force, it’s a different story.

While California can be an expensive place to operate, hundreds of thousands of business owners and executives still choose to survive and even thrive in what is the world’s sixth-largest economy. But our ranking – driven largely by the state’s thriving tech economy – obscures the difficulties faced by less sexy industries. And it ignores a hostile legal climate that rewards trial attorneys for suing legacy businesses that are desperately trying to remain here.

Consider my company, Timely Industries in Pacoima, which employs 193 people to manufacture pre-finished steel door frames. It’s a booming business. I have a warehouse full of already sold frames, and we’re running at full capacity to keep up with customer demand.

Timely opened its doors in 1971, and its employees have always been on equal footing with customers. Imagine my shock when I received a phone call last December informing me that a disgruntled former employee had filed a complaint under the state’s Private Attorneys General Act.

Our offense? Providing employees the flexibility (which they had requested) to take lunch breaks together.

The former employee, who couldn’t file a wrongful termination suit, was counseled by his attorneys that the flexibility violated the state’s mandatory five-hour lunch break law. The complaint cost our company nearly $1 million – and cost our employees their desired lunchtime flexibility. Apparently, trial attorneys believe the purpose of our state’s 1,000-plus-page labor code is to let no good deed go unpunished.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining: Because of our ordeal, I’ve now connected with dozens of other business owners who have faced similarly frivolous lawsuits. With their support, I’ve founded a new trade organization called the California Business & Industrial Alliance, which is focused on reforming the PAGA.

It’s not a partisan issue. Business owners of all political stripes, and even the United Farm Workers, have been hit with PAGA suits.

This Labor Day, I’m hopeful that business and labor can come together to reform a law that desperately needs change. As we celebrate the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our state, let’s ensure our labor law is helping rather than hurting.


PAGA Suits Raise Employer Stakes - Law gives plaintiffs, attorneys right to review wage-hour data, compile class actions.
the Los Angeles Business Journal 8/18/17

...Things got worse with word the suit against Passanisi’s Santa Fe Importers/Marisa Foods was amended to include provisions of the state’s Private Attorneys General Act, a 2004 law that turbocharges potential penalties and allows plaintiffs to avoid arbitration. (READ FULL STORY)

The California Business and Industrial Alliance, a New Organization that Sets Sights on Fixing PAGA Law - By Tom Manzo fox&hounds 8/02/17

CABIA will work with legislators of all political backgrounds who share common interests. CABIA was formed due to Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) Laws that hurt Timely Industries and thousands of other businesses who have been affected by a PAGA lawsuit. (READ FULL STORY)

John and Ken Show | KFI AM 640 | iHeartMedia - Tom Manzo discusses the PAGA lawsuit at Timely 7/07/17

More proof that California has too many lawyers. Back in 2004 they passed something called the "California Private Attorney General Act", known as the sew your boss law... (PLAY THE INTERVIEW)

studios get gifts, businesses get grief - San Fernando Valley Business Journal 7/10/17

My company, Timely Industries in Pacoima, was hit with a lawsuit in December under the Private Attorney General Act over meal periods that were taken more than 5 hours after the employees' arrival due to our flexable schedule. (READ FULL STORY)

Farmer Brothers leaving the state, in bitter blow to family of workers - Los Angeles Times 2/10/15

...the company whose five stated principles include "treat our employees as a Farmer Brothers Family," informed 350 of them last week that they are about to get the ax. (READ FULL STORY)