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here to fight for california employers and their employees.

  Representation of Management in Labor and Employment Law Matters Fighting for California businesses and strengthening employee job security. Good people taking interest in California business issues.  
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mission statement

The California Business and Industrial Alliance (CABIA) exists to promote the interests of California-owned small- and mid- sized businesses and the people they employ. It accomplishes this through a mix of public education, legislative lobbying, and grassroots organizing. The Alliance is led by a team of experienced California business owners and communicators committed to creating a regulatory climate that fosters the creation of new businesses, and helps existing ones prosper. The Alliance will work with legislators of all political backgrounds who share our common interests.

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tom manzo, founder of Cabia

Tom Manzo, President – Timely Prefinished Steel Door Frames, Mr. Manzo was born in Detroit Michigan and raised in the south end of Madison Heights which is a working class city just two miles north of Detroit. He attended Oakland Community College and obtained an Associates Degree and eventually received a Bachelor’s Degree from Walsh College in Business Administration. It took many years to finish college as he always worked full time while attending and paid most of his schooling on his own. Tom never gave up on his commitment or the dream of a four year degree and the will to achieve that goal. He is certified from Stanford in Project Management which there is only a few thousand nationwide. He is authorized to put SCPM on his business cards. Tom has additional training in Executive Education from the University Of Southern California Marshall School Of Business in Strategic Management and Executive Leadership Skills.

Timely Prefinished Steel Door Frames in Pacoima has almost 200 employees. Tom has been with Timely for over 14 years. Back in Detroit is where he got into sales working with a supplier to the Big Three Automotive Companies offering repair services on components for all of their automation. Eventually, he opened his own company supplying repair services to most Tier one and Tier two suppliers related to the Plastic Injection Molding Industry. The company he started was sold and he consulted a company who made door frames where not only did he meet Timely, he met his wife and she was the reason he came to California.

Founder and President of CABIA, a new non-profit organization dedicated to changing the burdensome and unfair labor laws in California. I decided to take action when the company I work for was hit with a private attorney general act (PAGA) lawsuit for ridiculous claims. That suit caused me to realize that the over 1,000 pages of California Labor Law are nothing more than a tool for plaintiffs’ attorneys to use against hardworking businesses. Before taking the leap to create a new organization for this effort, I reached out to other business organizations to see if they were interested in the fight. Unfortunately, many already had full plates, and others simply showed no interest. Some organizations say they represent businesses although, due to politics they support agendas that are actually harmful and others just don’t want to stir the pot. Trying to connect with politicians as an individual or even a company seemed impossible. At that moment I knew California businesses needed a voice.

Tom Manzo - President - Timely-Prefinished Steel Door Frames


Timely - Prefinished Steel
Door Frames

California Business & Industrial Alliance (CABIA)



Michael Saltsman is Vice President at Berman and Company, an award-winning communications firm in Washington, DC, where he serves as Managing Director of the nonprofit Employment Policies Institute. Saltsman is responsible for the firm's work on labor-related topics, managing issue campaigns, testifying before state and local legislatures, and speaking frequently to national and local business organizations.

He's a regular contributor to Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and Orange County Register, and his writing and research have also appeared in dozens of other national publications. Saltsman previously worked as an economist for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. He's a graduate of the University of Michigan, with degrees in Economicsand Political Science.






Michael Saltsman - Vice President - Berman and Company

Berman and Company


Joe Johal

Hewlett Packard; 1983 to 2003, Engineering Manager, responsibilities included, Risk Management, Environmental, Health and Safety for 5 sites and over 12 thousand employees world wide. Member of Hewlett Packard's world wide Traning and Education Council (one of ten members for 120,000 employees),Wendy's of the Pacific Inc, 2002 to Current, CEO, responsibilities include operating multiple restaurants. President of Nor Cal DMA, trustee of Wendy's National Advertisement Program, also franchisee for BP Arco and TMobiles.

Founding board member for Tri Valley Bank, founding board member for Old Fashioned Franchise Association (Franchise assoication for Wendy's), founding board member Service Station Franchise Association (Arco BP Franchise Association), founding board member for American Petroleum and Convenient Store Association. Board Member Alameda County Fair Foundation.






JOE JOHAL - Wendy's of the Pacific, Inc.

Joe Johal
trustee of Wendy's National Advertisement Program  

Wendy's of the Pacific, Inc.


Jagjeet S. Kapoor

Mr. Jagjeet Kapoor known as “Jag” to most people immigrated to the United States in 1977 where he embarked on learning the grocery industry and progressed to one of the Silicon Valley Business Entrepreneur in the industry of Hospitality, Retail and Real Estate Development. Mr. Kapoor is the President of Stop 'N' Save, Inc. and Bonfare Market which is both in the franchise business. He has proven success in the hospitality industry that includes restaurant such as Unamas, Mexicali Grill, Pedro’s and Saison, a 3-star rated Michelin and 50 World Best Restaurant. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley he dabbles as well in investing to start-up technology business such as Cognilytics, Zygox, XProtean and most recent to Tekion.

Among his other accomplishments, Mr. Kapoor is married, father of 2 children, licensed pilot and enjoy golf. He is currently the Chairman of Bonfare Markets Charitable Foundation, TIE Charter Member, APCA Member, AOPA Member and a NACS Member.






President of Stop 'N' Save, Inc. and Bonfare Market

Jagjeet S. Kapoor

Stop 'N' Save, Inc. and Bonfare Market


Joann Roth-Oseary

People often ask Joann Roth-Oseary her secret to success. While the simple answer is hard work, it truly has been her warmth and integrity, coupled with her experience, creative mind, business acumen, and attention to every detail that have made Someone’s in the Kitchen the full-service catering and event design firm of choice since 1980.

Joann’s energy extends beyond her business into the community. She is a strong supporter of many organizations and charities. She donates her time and professional services to charities such as; AIDS Project Los Angeles, The Fred Jordan Mission, The Dome Village, Homeless USA, The Jewish Home for the Aging, The SEARCH Foundation, and LA’s BEST. Her ongoing philanthropy to so many have been noted with honors from the City of Hope, the Mayor of Los Angeles, and the Governor of California.

Where does all this award winning savvy business woman’s inspiration genius come from? After all, anyone who has ever done anything in the kitchen knows preparation for an evening of any magnitude involves days, nights, weekends, little time off and a lot of time coaxing one’s imagination to come up with bigger, better and more creative solutions. Each and every day is different and challenging; it’s simply an exciting way to live. My life is a party.




JOANN ROTH-OSEARY | President | Someone's in the Kitchen (SITK)

Joann Roth-Oseary

someone's in the kitchen (sitk)



Richard LoGuercio

Richard lives and breathes event rentals. A veteran of the industry for over forty years, Richard began working part time at a local United Rentals store. After seeing an advertisement for a manager trainee position at the industry leader, Abbey Rents, Richard took advantage of his "from the bottom up" skills and was hired on the spot. In his seven years at Abbey, Richard's natural passion for the party and event business earned him accolades with both management and clients alike.

In 1978, Richard and another Abbey manager ventured out on their own and opened Rental's West, one of L.A.'s first independent party and event rental companies. During his time at Rentals West, Richard realized that his long term growth and success would be achieved as an independent owner-operator. Hungry for more knowledge and information, Richard returned for a short stint back at Abbey, heading up the companies party division, followed by a quick stop at Regal Rents.

In 1981, Richard launched Classic Party Rentals in a 5,000 square foot building in Culver City. In the eighteen years he operated Classic, his philosophy was simple; "Surround yourself with talented people, outstanding equipment and have fun doing what you do." The concept worked well and in a short time Classic earned a reputation as an industry leader recognized among peers from coast to coast.

At the age of 44, with aspiration of taking Classic to the "next level", Richard decided to sell controlling interest of the company with the vision of Classic start-ups in principal cities throughout the Southwest. Being a bit of a maverick and not always seeing "eye to eye" with his new partners, Richard decided to separate from the company in 1999 and spent the next six years with his wife Maureen and raising his two young daughters.

During the frenzied consolidation period of most every event rental company in Los Angeles, Richard saw an opportunity for a "Fresh New Alternative". Knowing he would be competing with a large national chain, Richard traveled to several international trade shows to search for new and innovative items in massive quantities to meet the demand of Southern California's top caterers and event planners. In July of 2005, Town & Country opened its doors in a 61,000 square foot facility in Van Nuys, staffed by talented and knowledgeable industry veterans that offer unsurpassed service and backed by the most impressive event rental inventory ever assembled in the Southern California market.

Since its opening, Town & Country Event Rentals has grown in both size and reputation now occupying an amazing 210,000 square foot facility that includes a beautiful, well-appointed 9,000 square foot show room, state of the art woodshop, metal & welding shop as well as a complete sewing and upholstery department that provides the unsurpassed capabilities we are famous for. In 2016, Town & Country was ranked by Special Events Magazine as one the top ten event rental companies in the U.S, with a ranking of 4th largest, nationally. Expanding its services, in 2011, a second store was opened in Pasadena, along with a third store in Santa Barbara a year later in the summer of 2012. Today, with a fleet of more than 110 trucks offering nationwide delivery, Town and Country has grown to more than 600 full time staff members who are proud to contribute their talents and outstanding service to many of Southern California's most notable events, movie premiers, awards shows, gala fundraising events, weddings and social events.

Mr. LoGuercio is recognized as an industry leader and proud recipient and recognitions including a member of Biz Bash magazines Hall of Fame Award, honored in 2017 with the Lifetime Achievement Award by Special Events magazine.



Richard LoGuercio - President/Owner - Town & Country

Richard LoGuercio

    Town & Country



John Loudon

John Loudon, has spent over 30 years advocating for a strong business ecology as thriving entrepreneurs and small businesses are the foundation of strong communities. His work centers on getting government out of the way and helping businesses navigate government interactions at the federal, state and local levels.

Loudon recently joined Engineered Tax Services as VP of Government Affairs working to help business and commercial property owners utilize special tax incentives previously available only to Big 4 accounting firms and Top 100 corporations.

Loudon spent the last six years running a California public contractor organization advocating for non-union contractors and workers. He left that position and joined the California exodus, leaving the San Diego beach life for West Palm Beach after determining that the tax advantages of leaving California had become too great to ignore as were the two laws signed by Governor Jerry Brown designed to shutter Loudon's organization.

His advocacy for business economics includes 14 years as a state lawmaker, during which time he created and chaired (8 years) the Senate Small Business, Insurance and Industrial Relations committee. In his capacity overseeing all business, labor and insurance issues, he was able to author major red tape reducing reform legislation including the health insurance, workers' compensation and unemployment laws to a number of business tax incentives.

Known for pushing big ideas and doing so successfully, Senator Loudon went three for three as his landmark bills prevailed before the state Supreme Court. One of those, his workers’ compensation law lead to a 25% decrease in insurance rates over the next three years.

Loudon’s career includes 14 years running a boutique public relations firm with his wife, best selling author and media personality, Dr. Gina Loudon, that specialized in launching authors and in communications to move policy issues and lawmakers.



John Loudon - VP of Government Affairs - Engineered Tax Services

John Loudon
VP of Government Affairs

    Engineered Tax Services



Collier Landry is a Los Angeles based cinematographer and filmmaker, working with independent commercial, music video and new media content productions on multiple platforms. He is an active member in the IATSE Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild.

In 2016, he founded Don’t Touch My Radio, a full service commercial production company based in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. The company focuses mostly on commercial and music videos along with documentary projects. Collier also maintains a production studio in Glassell Park, offering complete RED, Canon and Black Magic camera packages, along with a 3 ton lighting and grip package.

Collier is the co-creator and subject of "Aftermath", a documentary series examining the consequences of violence and secondary trauma in America. The documentary explores Collier’s personal life story, when in 1990 his father murdered his mother and Collier became the key witness for the prosecution during trial and was sent into the foster care system. The documentary is directed by Two-Time Academy Award Winner Barbara Kopple and is set to air on Discovery ID in early 2018.

Though having a formal education in music Collier has been capturing images his entire life. Choosing to draw inspiration from the world around him, creation is what he loves most about his profession. He chooses to wake up everyday feeling inspired and ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

As a small business owner, Collier views his role in CABIA as one of his conviction that we cannot tolerate legal abuses like this to continue in this state or our country. He feels sitting back and allowing these cases to be pursued is detrimental to employers and employees, be it in the manufacturing or filmmaking sectors. Collier is committed to promoting CABIA in the entertainment industry as he feels it will only be a matter of time until that industry begins to recognize and fall victim to this type of legal abuse.


Collier Landry - Cinematographer and Filmmaker - FOUNDER, DON'T TOUCH MY RADIO

and filmmaker  

Don’t Touch My Radio


MD Amin

View USS POSCO's ABOUT UPI Video here.

MD Amin is an accomplished sales leader who draws on his background in chemical and process engineering to understand customer needs and deliver superior customer service. 

Mr. Amin  began his career as an engineering consultant designing hydrocracking systems for refineries. He brought this experience to USS-POSCO Industries ("UPI") in 1996 when he became a Compliance Engineer in the company's Rolling Division. The following year, he was promoted to Manager for Tin/CRU Operations. In 2005, he became the Manager for Environmental Safety. 

In 2007, Mr. Amin left the operations side of UPI to become an Outside Sales Representative. Although he had no background in sales at that time, he was eager to use his interpersonal and project management skills to drive revenue for UPI. As an Outside Sales Representative, Mr. Amin quickly demonstrated his ability to build and manage relationships, lead marketing campaigns, and close deals with top decision makers. He also distinguished himself by booking the most sales of any UPI sales representative for five years in a row. Mr. Amin was promoted to Sales Manager in 2011 and to Director of Sales in 2016.  Today, he provides training, mentoring, and leadership to all UPI's Commercial Group.

Mr. Amin  earned his bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering with honors from the University of Idaho. He has also completed graduate courses in Business Administration from Golden Gate University. He lives in Brentwood with his wife and two sons.


MD Admin - Outside Sales Representative (UPI) USS-POSCO INDUSTRIES

Md admin
vice president

uss-posco industries (UPI)


Pat Kinzy

Husband, father, grandfather, Christian businessman. From Maintenance Mgr. in 1997 to President in 2008 and in 2016 half owner of Automation Plating Corp.

Devoted to empowering our employees to succeed, giving them ample opportunity to grow.

Involved in the plating Community helping other shops to also grow and succeed.

"I treat others the way I want to be treated".





Pat Kinzy - President/Owner - Automation Plating Corporation

Pat Kinzy

Automation Plating Corporation


Legal Counsel - Epstein Becker Green, RICHARD FREY

Richard Frey is a seasoned litigator working for Epstein Becker Green in Los Angeles, California. My. Frey's focus is on general and complex commercial litigation and business matters, as well as unique labor and employment challenges faced by corporations and individuals. He also has significant experience in trade secret and unfair competition litigation, including litigation involving non-compete agreements.

Mr. Frey previously served dual leadership roles as both the Chair of Venable's West Coast Commercial Litigation Practice Group and Chair of the firm’s West Coast Labor and Employment Practice Group.

He has litigated cases in both state and federal courts and has particular skill in defending commercial class actions against alleged violations of the California Business and Professions Code § 17200, as well as wage and hour and shareholder derivative class actions. 

In addition to his significant litigation experience, Mr. Frey provides transactional advice on corporate matters including employee-related concerns associated with mergers and acquisitions and executive employment agreements.  He also has substantial experience representing clients across a wide range of industries in a variety of business matters including those involving distribution deals, partnership agreements and other contract negotiations.

Mr. Frey represents Fortune 500 companies, as well as prominent hospitals and healthcare groups.  He also represents sports and entertainment agents and has provided counsel to movie studios and independent film producers on guild and labor matters.




Richard Frey - Partner - Venalbe LLP

Epstein Becker Green